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Tailor-made incentives

It all starts with the briefing. Your dedicated projectmanager creates your ultimate weekend based on your preferences. He- or she will be on 24/7 standby during the event and will act as your personal concierge. Travel by helicopter or classic sports car. Stay in the same five star hotels as the drivers, a fashionable villa or relax onboard a luxury yacht.

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Ice driving

Winter sports GPI style

 Apart from visiting as a VIP, we offer fans of the ‘loud pedal’ other ways to pamper and entertain their clients. How about getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, a master class Ferrari or literally crossing Iceland in a 4×4. These are just a few examples of what we offer.

Being part of F1

The added value is in the little details, not the showing off. We leave the champagne spraying to the drivers. Our goal is to make you proud being one of our clients.

GP Incentives offers exclusive access to inaccessible places, such as the pit and paddock. Instead of being another fan, you become part of the Formula 1 circus.


When was the last time,
you did something for the first time?

Anyone can buy tickets or book a luxury hotel. But arranging behind the scenes experiences or rooms in a ‘fully booked’ hotel is a different story. GP Incentives has specialised in this field: organising bespoke, exclusive, memorable Formula 1 and car related events.

As experienced business travellers we know what to do. More importantly, we know what ‘not’ to do. The experts behind GP Incentives all have extensive backgrounds in the sponsoring, customer loyalty and business travel field. This unique combination guarantees a thoroughly prepared and well executed Formula 1 experience…

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